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MEMBERS - GirlFap.com is a copyrighted work by DN World LLC, a www.davidnudesworld.com product. All rights reserved. Membership passes purchased for GirlFap.com are non-transferable and for private use only. Any type of destructive behavior, such as hacking or password sharing, will result in a termination of that membership pass and the credentials of that member banned from all DavidNudesWorld.com site. This is to protect the members and their exclusive content access.

PRIVACY - GirlFap.com does not store or even have direct access to purchase information, such as credit card data. Our secure professional billers handle that side to provide a wall of protection between our service and the outside world. All purchases show up discretely on any bank statements. We do not share or sell our users email addresses. From time to time, we send out free newsletters containing free content to our previous members and those who completed the pre-join form before the biller section. An unsubscribe link is in all emails sent by our system.

SUPPORT - All members self-manage their subscriptions with the self-service tools provided by the biller they used. We do not control memberships, the agreement is between you and the biller, who is a non-partial third party. To gain service, simply visit the website of the biller you used to join, found on your emailed invoice reciept of purchase. For technical website support you can contact us directly anytime at support@girlfap.com

24/7 Epoch Billing Customer Service: billing@epoch.com
Toll Free: 1-(800)-893-8871 | Int. Tel.: 1-(310)-664-5810

24/7 CCBill Billing Customers Service: consumersupport@ccbill.com
Phone: 1.888.596.9279

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